Barota, Teh. Kalar Sayyadan, District Rawalpindi Pakistan.


Dear inhabitants of the world I as the chairman of the said trust want to welcome you as a member of our trust. This trust is established for the entire humanity irrespective of cast and creed religion and belief. As the President Nixon said this is a small step but a giant leap. When the man took his first step on the soil of the moon. Likely so we have initiated it. It is a small step but with the grace of All mighty ALLAH and with your help this trust will never shatter your trust. All the promises which we are making will be respected and fulfilled and all the goals which we are setting will be achieved and every next day mental and physical dived will abolished. The whole human race will enjoy the fruit of unity and justice. They all will participate and contribute for the cause. Cause is we all are one. Please pray for your own success. Resources will be utilized justly. Equality will be ordained. Peace tranquility and prosperity for all. Our slogan is we ALL ARE ONE. May ALLAH bless you all.